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About Us

My name is Alex, my wife's name is Mary - We have three beautiful kids!  Two girls and 1 boy, before we had them we thought of ourselves as fashion savvy people and loved to shop and wear the latest trends in fashion.  When we had our kids our passion for fashion focused on our kids and their outfits!  We loved to shop for them it; it was our favorite thing to do!  though after awhile we noticed the big box stores didn't have the biggest and our taste in selections of clothing, not to mention the prices were a little outrages.  So this is where forever my mini was born! We researched the web and browsed through many styles of clothing and decided we wanted to create our own collection of baby and youth clothing!   We took our taste in fashion and meshed it with some of our styles and came up with designs that we just loved! So we brought them to designers and manufactures and from there the passion for making the forever my mini collection grew!  Now every week we work hard to bring more of the trendiest and latest fashion for baby and youth clothing; with great quality and durability and most importantly an amazing price point!